Amplifying Community Voice Together

Apr 25, 2022 | News, Post-Secondary

Cradle to Career is prioritizing action to shift practices and policies to ensure our youth and families participate in and lead decision-making processes and leverage our community’s strengths. C2C has begun assessing community participation in efforts and informing a clearer vision of family and youth inclusion, racial justice, and community ownership across all outcome areas.
As part of these efforts, the Post-Secondary Enrollment Change Network conducted listening sessions with Opportunity Youth and parents to identify and understand barriers faced by young people on post-secondary pathways, which helped the Change Network develop strategies to address these needs.
Pima Community College (PCC) worked with C2C to conduct similar listening sessions with five targeted groups to identify the community’s needs for post-secondary success. The sessions were conducted with youth-serving professionals, Opportunity Youth, high school, parents rethinking career paths, and individuals connected to other United Way initiatives. Insights and learnings will be shared with PCC to include community voice as part of their strategic planning.