C2C Leadership Council Highlight: Doug Martin

Nov 7, 2022 | Leadership Council, News

Each month we are highlighting members of our Leadership Council and showcasing their dedication to our mission of preparing every child for success in school and life. This month, we are highlighting Leadership Council member Doug Martin, the President of Good News Communications.

How did you first become involved with C2C?

United Way of Tucson’s President and CEO Tony Penn reached out to me about the concept of the Partnership and that United Way was starting it here in Tucson. He wanted to have business people as well as educators on the council, so I got involved shortly after it started.

Is there a specific C2C outcome area that you are most passionate about?

I am very passionate about seeing children have an opportunity to grow in their abilities and succeed. I want others to have the same opportunities that I had, and to dream and achieve no matter where they start out on the ladder of life.

How do you think the Youth Resource Platform (yotr.org) will help with re-engaging young people?

This platform will give young people the resources they need to re-engage and move beyond whatever is holding them back. The key will be to get these tools in their hands, so spreading the word through digital, social media, and in the community will be the key so that they can use these tools to succeed.

What advice do you have for a young person thinking about getting into business or starting their own?

Experience and mentorship is the key component after your education. What I learned in school has been helpful in business, but what I have learned from mentors, and then what I have experienced personally has been more important. Find mentors to learn from and ask them about about their failures and struggles. What you learn from them will keep you from repeating their mistakes and will make you more successful.