C2C Leadership Council Highlight: Marc Cameron

Nov 11, 2022 | Leadership Council, News

Each month we are highlighting members of our Leadership Council and showcasing their dedication to our mission of preparing every child for success in school and life. This month, we are highlighting Leadership Council Co-Chair Marc Cameron, the Senior Vice President of Resource Industries Sales, Services and Technology at Caterpillar, Inc..

What excites you most about being a Chair of the C2C Leadership Council?

Cradle to Career is unique in that it is a true partnership that has a results oriented approach to foster opportunity and resources to succeed.  For communities to grow, it requires individuals and organizations from business, government, and nonprofits to work together. Having the opportunity to give back is a big part to the meaning of our lives.   I am excited to participate in this initiative focused on success for children and youth.

Why does ensuring young people have access to education and career pathways matter for our community?

As a result of constant innovation and new technologies, careers are evolving faster than ever.  In order to develop knowledge and technical skills needed to excel, our young people need a strong foundation in career and technical education.  As such, access to education and career pathways are important for success so they have the skills needed to adapt to ever-changing careers and personal development goals.

How do you see your expertise and leadership contributing to C2C?

Mining is undergoing a transformation. From evolving jobs in the trades to new technology, roles in autonomy and electrification, mine sites are developing a new generation of work. At Caterpillar, I have had the opportunity to work with our leaders to identify workforce development initiatives to build our own global talent pipeline.

Is there a specific area of C2C that you are most passionate about? Why?

I look forward to working together to find solutions and ensuring diverse perspectives are heard.  Complex problems require even more collaboration across sectors. For Southern Arizona to create excellence in education and career programs, we need collective impact strategies where community members, organizations, and institutions work together to generate solutions that make a real difference.