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Our Goals

Three goals drive our work of improving the lives of young people across Southern Arizona.

Thriving Futures

Our mission of preparing every child for success in school and life, ensuring the economic vitality of our community, depends on ensuring that all young people have access to education and career pathways that best suit their needs. These pathways are unique, whether it includes learning a trade, attending community college or university, or access to additional help and resources to become reconnected to these paths.

Our community partners are creating innovative solutions to address our community’s needs in the areas of high school graduation, post-secondary education, and re-engagement of Opportunity Youth.

united youth leadership council members

Recent Updates from Thriving Futures

Young Leaders United Sponsors Opportunity Youth Art Show

Young Leaders United hosted an art show featuring Opportunity Youth artists.

C2C Releases Guide for Supporting Youth Engagement

C2C releases a guide and reflection on fostering authentic youth engagement.

Collaboration and Community Outreach to Promote Youth Resource Platform

C2C attended the AVID Community Night and presented to Pima Community College staff.

“Do You Hear Me Now?”: Opportunity Youth and Civic Engagement

United Youth Leadership Council changes the conversation around civic engagement.

C2C Announces the Launch of Youth Resource Platform

Digital tool is designed as a resource hub for young people in Southern Arizona.

C2C Releases Report on Post-Secondary Pathways in Community

C2C releases “Post-Secondary Pathways: Learnings from the Community” report.

Pima Youth Vote is Helping to Turn Out the Vote

United Youth Leadership Council relaunches Pima Youth Vote initiative.

C2C Staff Learns About Advance Care Planning

C2C staff attend workshop held by Arizona End of Life Care Partnership.

Check Out Photos from the YOTR Open House

More photos from the Youth on the Rise partner Open House.

Post-Secondary Change Networks: A Year in Review

Successes and momentum in the Post-Secondary Change Networks.

Leaders in Literacy

Literacy in both reading and numeracy is essential for success in school and skill building. We address these foundational skills by working directly with educators and school districts, providing them with opportunities to co-develop strategies and solutions to help all students achieve, equitably. By making small changes within classrooms, we can make a large impact.

We facilitate conversations among our seven district partners, allowing them to learn from each other, implement similar solutions, and replicate successes across Pima County.

united youth leadership council members

Recent Updates from Leaders in Literacy

Three Educators Honored at United Way’s Business Breakfast

Three area educators honored as Literacy Champions at 18th Annual Business Leaders for Early Education Breakfast.

Amber Schlak on Love of Reading Week

C2C’s Amber Schlak shares why Love of Reading Week is so important.

Progress and Updates in Early Grade Literacy and Middle School Math

Partners in Early Grade Literacy and Middle School Math share updates from the start of the school year.

C2C Receives $70,000 to Support School Partnerships

United Way of Tucson invests in Early Grade Literacy and Middle School Math.

Middle School Math Change Network: Continuous Improvement

Updates and successes from the Middle School Math Change Network during the 2021-22 school year.

Celebrating Successes in Early Grade Literacy

Last month, Cradle to Career (C2C) held a year end celebration with five Early Grade Literacy teams from Marana Unified School District.

Collaboration Promoting Equitable Grading Strategies in Math

The Cradle to Career Partnership and Tucson Regional Educators Collaborative (TREC) are promoting an equitable grading approach.

Middle School Math Change Network Meets to Share Findings from Marana Learning Cohort

The Middle School Math Change Network had their first meeting of 2022.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is essential to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our anchor organization United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is addressing this need through a variety of programs including increasing access to high-quality early education and care, family and caregiver support, and professional development opportunities for early childhood educators.

For more information about this work, visit https://unitedwaytucson.org/education/.

united youth leadership council members

Recent Updates from Early Childhood Education

Collective Action and Data Sharing to Support Early Childhood Education

The Kindergarten Readiness Change Network shared the continued impact happening in this area at the February C2C Leadership Council meeting.