Pima Youth Vote is Helping to Turn Out the Vote

Aug 29, 2022 | News, Opportunity Youth

With the midterm elections just over two months away, the Pima Youth Vote initiative led by our United Youth Leadership Council (UYLC) is working to help young people across our community learn more about voting and how to exercise their rights.

Voter turnout for midterm elections has historically been low compared to presidential years, especially among young people ages 18-24. According toa 2021 Civics Center Report, turnout among this group in Arizona for the 2018 midterm elections was 35%, compared to 52% for the 2020 presidential election.

The goal of Pima Youth Vote is to educate and empower young people, especially Opportunity Youth, to exercise their right to vote. In 2020, UYLC had to pivot its strategy to focus primarily on phone outreach. Through the initiative, they were able to register 516 new voters aged 18-24 and received over 5,000 pledges to vote. In the lead up to the November election, councilmembers will continue to focus their outreach to increase voter turnout in Pima County.

We encourage you to visit the Pima Youth Vote website for more information about the initiative, and valuable information for registering to vote, finding your polling place, and submitting your ballot. 

To learn more about the United Youth Leadership Council, click here.