Roadrunner Elementary and C2C Convene Title I Review Session

Feb 25, 2022 | Cradle to Career Team, News

This month, Roadrunner Elementary utilized continuous improvement principals that are at the core of the Cradle to Career Partnership to complete their Title I needs assessment. Schools that receive Title I funding are required annually to complete a needs assessment, which highlights the areas of success and improvements from the previous year and opportunity areas for further growth, Roadrunner Elementary partnered with the C2C team to facilitate the process and help identify the highest priority needs.
In two afternoon sessions, Roadrunner Elementary convened a team consisting of teachers, parents, school staff, and the parent liaison. The team reviewed the results of the assessment, identified key areas for improvement and growth and developed strategies for the upcoming school year. The team highlighted three areas of need for next school year: utilizing data to drive instruction, resources to support instruction for alignment across grade levels to support differentiation, and increasing parent involvement. Through this continuous improvement process, the team took a look at root causes and developed strategies to focus the Title I funds to maximize impact. Parent voice played a key role throughout the process, and each need area included steps for increasing communication to and involvement with parents.
“Community partnerships play a crucial role in the school improvement process, and our Cradle to Career partnership provided us with the opportunity to collaborate on that process this year,” said Kristina Brewer, Principal at Roadrunner Elementary School. “The additional support C2C offered helped us efficiently analyze our data and identify our greatest areas of need, while offering an invaluable community perspective.”
Cradle to Career is excited to expand this continuous improvement process to other Title I schools throughout our partner districts.