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Youth on the Rise (YOTR)

For many young people, systemic inequities make it difficult to remain engaged in education and career training pathways. Opportunity Youth are young people ages 16-24 who are not in school and not working. Youth on the Rise (YOTR), the Change Network for Re-Engagement of Opportunity Youth, takes collective action to reduce Opportunity Youth disconnection in Pima County. One of the main strategies of YOTR is the implementation of re-engagement centers. These centers are youth-centered, safe spaces where youth can receive individualized support from trusted adults and have access to other community resources and peer support.

The Essential Skills Workshops

These workshops are designed to provide youth with a variety of soft skills that are universally applicable to getting and maintaining employment as well as aiding individuals in furthering their education. A few examples of these skills are Asset Based Thinking (taking stock in the skills/experience you already have an seeing how they are valuable in a variety of settings, a dramatic example would be someone who once distributed illicit material seeing that as sales experience), Leadership skills and learning how to be part of a team, resume writing, and interview skills.

    The Essential Skills Workshop will be providing lunch and a stipend equal to $25/hour time spent participating in our programs.

    The Workforce Readiness Series will be providing lunch and a stipend equal to $25/hour time spent participating in our programs.

    The Workforce Readiness Series

    This is designed to be a four-day series taking place at one of the Pima Community College campuses partnering with their FastTrack program. The FastTrack program focuses on a variety of work industries, giving participants a 3–6-month crash course in that industry, and when they complete the FastTrack program, they receive a certificate for that work industry allowing them a much higher chance to be hired in that field. Day one of these workshops will provide skill building that is specific to one of the industries, the FastTrack program. On day 2 participants will tour the college, and specifically see the resources available to educate them on that field of work. Om day three will be inviting local businesses and resources for a mini job fair and question panel for Opportunity Youth to ask questions about that specific industry.   And on the last day it is our goal to get all of these youth interviewed with local businesses or admission staff from the college.

    The United Youth Leadership Council

    This is a group of up to 10 Opportunity Youth, who are receiving professional development training, attending monthly service days, and running their own council with goal of coming up with effective ways to support opportunity youth and inform local organizations of these methods. It is our belief that any work supporting the community needs to be guided by the community. This council is being run by our own Public Ally, Gabe Mendoza (a 19-year-old Opportunity Youth himself) and has provided a safe space for our youth to be able to feel like their voices matter and will be respected in this work.


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