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Our Approach

Developing solutions for complex social problems is not something a single organization can do alone. However, when individual organizations come together and combine their resources, expertise, and data, they build impactful and meaningful connections across sectors. These connections can be thought of as bridges that create systems that work for all kids. The work that C2C is doing is not easy or quick. Helping every child to maximize their fullest potential requires a rigorous approach, yet one that is flexible enough to meet Pima County’s unique needs.

Our Theory of Change

The Cradle to Career Partnership believes that by working together we can accomplish more. We use a collective impact approach that aligns contributions from across sectors and employs a continuous improvement framework to produce better educational and life outcomes for our students.

    Key Terms

    The team at United Way that provides results-based meeting facilitation and data analysis, communicates barriers and opportunities to Leadership Council, and handles logistics support and administrative details needed for the work to function.

    Change Networks:
    Change Networks are how the work of collective impact gets done. Organizations that participate are committed to applying continuous improvement to focus on a specific outcome.

    Collaborative Action:
    Co-executing improvement plans in a relationship built on trust.

    Collective Impact:
    Community members, organizations, and institutions working together to achieve population- and systems-level change.

    Continuous Improvement:
    An ongoing process of using data to set goals, plan interventions, act, reflect, adjust….and repeat.