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Developing solutions for complex social problems is not something a single organization can do alone. However, when individual organizations come together and combine their resources, expertise, and data, they build impactful and meaningful connections across sectors. These connections can be thought of as bridges that create systems that work for all kids. The work that C2C is doing is not easy or quick. Helping every child to maximize their fullest potential requires a rigorous approach, yet one that is flexible enough to meet Pima County’s unique needs.


Too often policies and programs are put in place without listening to the needs and concerns of those they affect, including students, educators, and employers. Our partnership brings these voices together to co-develop strategies and solutions that create education and career pathways for everyone in Pima County. By involving our community’s students, families, educators, and business leaders in collaborative action, we improve the economic vitality of our community, together.


    Data is often used to highlight what’s wrong or to place blame, but our team is helping educators and business leaders see data in a different way. By reframing how literacy is measured, math competency is graded, and post-secondary pathways are accessed, we can continue to make small improvements that lead to large-scale impacts on the young people in our community, ensuring that they are on successful pathways toward career attainment.


    We know this work is too big and important to do alone. Our partnership brings together leaders from education, business, philanthropy, and government to learn from each other and make change together. Data and strategies are shared and scaled across schools and districts, allowing improvements that happen in one classroom to reach students throughout Southern Arizona, and the support and leadership of our business community is a catalyst for impact. We can improve educational outcomes for every child, in every school, when we learn and make change together.